Monday, June 20, 2005

Southern Minnesota Express

Way back in January I lamented the demise of the Tri-City Diesel and their cool old-style train coming out of the "D" logo. I didn't think that less than half a year later I'd see it reborn for a hockey team and featuring a much more modern train.

Brought to Owatonna, Minnesota by LA Kings Head Coach Andy Murray and NHLer's Rob Blake, Glen Murray and Nelson Emerson, the Southern Minnesota Express will begin play this season in the Junior-A North American Hockey League. However, their logo spent the last few seasons as a football team in Kearney, Nebraska.

Ok, they aren't exactly the same. But they are very similar. It's hard to imagine that the designer of the Express logo had never seen the Diesel logo. It's practically a copy updated to suit the needs of the Express.

The train is tapered in the same way and comes out of a tunnel. In the Diesel logo it comes out of the "D". In the Express it comes out of a hockey puck. The lettering does the same kind of wrap around the train in both logos. Even the light haze around the lettering is the same.

I really liked the Diesel logo. It's very animated and the classic design of the train is great. The same goes for the Express logo despite the fact that they made it more modern. I only wish I could just enjoy the logo without having to think about the possible plagiarism involved.

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