Monday, January 24, 2005

Tri-City Diesel

Another goal of mine for this blog is to help archive some of the logos of teams that disappear throughout the upcoming seasons. Teams and leagues come and go overnight and logos are lost forever sometimes never to be found again. So today I bring you the first of these soon to be lost logos.

The Tri-City Diesel of Kearney, Nebraska folded in early January just months before the start of the 2005 National Indoor Football League season leaving behind one of the better indoor football logos. The train in this logo is just so cool. I love how it tails off and looks like it's coming out a tunnel in the D. It gives an otherwise boring script and color scheme some much needed animation and life.

Hope lives on for the Tri-City Diesel as it is possible that they will return to Kearney next year or move to Grand Island, Nebraska where they are building a new 6,000 seat event center. However, if the team does move to Grand Island the name and logo most likely will die in Kearney.

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