Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Seattle Thunderbirds

I feel like it's about time that I actually talk about a logo that I really, really like. Of all the logos I have posted about so far this one and the Poca Dots are the only ones that I have no reservations about at all. The Seattle Thunderbirds logo is a great example of how to choose a name and a logo that perfectly compliments the city that you play in.

The logo just screams Seattle like nothing else could. It obviously is taken from the beautiful symbols and artwork of the local Native American cultures that are on display throughout the area. It isn't presented in a jokey or offensive fashion instead opting for a very classy and understated look that is meant to honor rather than exploit.

The colors also scream Seattle. Blue and green are the two colors that I most identify with the city of Seattle (obviously because of the amount of trees and the amount of water). Every professional team in Seattle wears either blue or green somewhere. The Seahawks use the exact same color scheme, the Mariners use navy and teal and the Sonics primary color is green. The only major exception to the rule is the University of Washington whose color scheme has turned out to be pretty successful for them despite the lack of blue or green.

My only problem with the logo is it's similarity to the Seattle Seahawks logo. Like I said the color scheme is exactly the same and the logo is similar in premise. The Seahawks tried to jazz their logo up recently and ended up losing a lot of the similarities to Native American artwork that it once held. It's no longer nearly as classy as the T-Birds logo which is my favorite logo in all of professional (well, in this case semi-pro) sports. Too bad I like the Everett Silvertips team better than the T-Birds.

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