Monday, August 22, 2005

Charlotte Krunk

First of all, sorry about the extended layoff. I had to take a step back from sports logos just for a minute and catch my breath. Don't really know why, just didn't feel like writing any logo reviews. It happens.

Recently I have been pondering the existence of the California Eagles of the ABA here in Ventura, California and I started to think about how this area has a professional sports void. There isn't a single professional franchise in Ventura County or even in Santa Barbara County despite it's size and affluence. The Eagles could possibly find a niche in this market if run right and could ultimately help someone in this county decide to build a suitable home for a professional sports team.

This made me think long and hard about how the ABA may not be all that bad. It does give people an opportunity to own a professional sports franchise and run it with extremely low costs and lets them see what they can do. I started thinking that maybe these owners aren't ridiculously stupid, like I've previously thought, throwing their money at a bunch of shysters for absolutely no payoff. I really started to think the ABA could become a model for other professional sports leagues in the future.

Then I was knocked back to the sad reality of what a joke the ABA is when I saw this logo...

Disband the ABA now! Any league that would allow a team to be called the Krunk and have a logo this unprofessional should immediately be seized by the authorities and turned over to somebody who actually knows what they are doing.

Seriously, the Charlotte Krunk wouldn't even be an acceptable name for a fantasy league team. And the logo? Well, I can't find the proper words to describe just how horrible this logo is. Let me just put it this way...I think I drew that on a pee chee or my school binder during my Electric Boogaloo stage when I was seven or eight years old. I thought I had lost that pee chee years ago, but apparently the Krunk's owner, Spyder D, found it floating around somewhere. I would want some royalties, but I am too embarrassed to claim that that was my artwork even though I was in the second grade when I drew it. It is still too shameful.

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