Saturday, October 08, 2005

Daytona Beach Thunder

Let's crank the old Sports Logo Pundit back up. I have a new desk chair that doesn't make my butt hurt after sitting on it for five minutes like the folding chair that I had been using did, meaning that I can sit here for long stretches and look for logos to rip on. Sounds great!

Anyway, the last logo we looked at back in August was the Charlotte Krunk, a logo that looked like a middle school student may have sketched it on his notebook. Today's logo, the Daytona Beach Thunder of the Atlantic Indoor Football League is the exact opposite utilizing at least a little bit of technology. The problem is I think I would rather have the Krunk boombox on my pee chee over the Thunder's....thunder monster?

Seriously, what the hell is that thing? At least I know what a boombox is even if it is trying to dunk a basketball. But this thunder monster is just plain scary and ugly, very ugly. I just can't figure out what it is supposed to be. Did they just lift it straight from a video game somewhere? Does it have anything to do with football or Daytona Beach? Is it what your girlfriend looked like when she found out you cheated on her during your Spring Break trip to Daytona Beach?

Whatever it is, it sure is nasty and, along with the Binghamton Brigadiers, it is yet another embarrassing logo to come out of the AIFL.

P.S...You have to read this press release about the Thunder's dance team changing their name. It is hilarious.

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