Thursday, July 07, 2005

Binghamton Brigadiers

The Atlantic Indoor Football League is ambitiously expanding attempting to go from six teams in this it's inaugural year to sixteen teams next season. This week it was announced that the Binghamton Brigadiers would be joining this fledgling league and will play it's home games at Broome County's Veterans Memorial Arena, which I can tell you from experience is a very nice arena for hockey and most likely a good place to watch some football.

Now, I'm all for the name. The Brigadiers is unique. There isn't another minor league franchise sporting that moniker and Benjamin Tisdale's (the owner) reasoning is very admirable. The name relates to his service in the military for the last twenty years, the region's ties to the military and the fact that they are playing at Veterans Memorial Arena.

But is it just me or does the logo look like a particularly twisted and demonic potato? That is one pissed off spud if you ask me. He's no happy go lucky Mr. Potato Head. No, he's about to kick some ass and take some names. He's been made a one-star general and it's gone straight to this papa's head.

Seriously, I hate to say it but this is one ugly logo. Unfortunately, it is so ugly that it doesn't even have endearing qualities the way some ugly logos do. The color scheme is gross, the potato looks possessed, and he has been wounded and now doesn't have any arms. It pains me to say and I apologize to Brigadiers management if they read this, but this might be the ugliest logo that I have reviewed so far on the Sports Logo Pundit. May it not get any worse than this.

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