Saturday, July 28, 2007

New Hampshire Primaries

The New Hampshire Fisher Cats announced this week that for one night only in August, they will become the New Hampshire Primaries. Woo Hoo!

For people like myself who have had a big crush on the Primaries logos since they were first released and public outrage made the new Manchester team dump the name in favor of, basically, anything else (eventually a name-the-team contest came up with Fisher Cats), this is great news. Not only because the Primaries will finally see the field but also because there is now an increased presence of this logo online including a whole storefront selling t-shirts and other Primaries merchandise.

Like I said, I absolutely love these logos. The day that they were released in 2003 I thought that they were the most creative, well thought-out, interesting and well done logos that had been released in years, heck, maybe ever. You've got the whole package with this set. The word mark is beautiful, of course the donkey and the elephant represent the two parties and I love how they are seemingly getting along but are also keeping a wary eye on each other, and the crossed bats behind them is a very nice touch giving it great balance and good luck.

And then there's the secondary logo of Uncle Sam calling his shot. I still feel robbed that I was never able to get an official game hat featuring this logo it (I only wear 5950 fitted caps). It would've quickly become my favorite hat in my collection and when I wore it out I would've bought a new one. I rarely purchase a duplicate of a hat even if I've worn it out, but my man-crush on the Uncle Sam logo is so strong that I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to go without.

I've never been upset with the Fisher Cats management for dropping the Primaries name and logos because the people who didn't like it stood up and went crazy with their opposition. They did what they had to do at the time. Rather, I've always kind of felt bad for them. The fans were very shortsighted and couldn't see the big picture. This name and these logos were going to be so much fun to promote and market and get creative with that they ultimately missed out in the long run.

Anyway, if you are a Primaries fan and you are in the New Hampshire area, mark Saturday, August 25th on your calendar. The Primaries will be taking the field at Stadium for one night only sporting the specially designed uniforms. The game will be followed by, I'm sure, a very patriotic and celebratory fireworks display.

Big thanks goes out to the New Hampshire Fisher Cats management for bringing back the Primaries even if for just one night and also for providing me with the logos on this page. Cheers!

Team: New Hampshire Fisher Cats/Primaries
League: Eastern League
Location: Manchester, New Hampshire
Stadium: Stadium
Mascot: For the Fisher Cats, it's Fungo. But think of all the Primaries possibilities.
Merchandise: Fisher Cats and some Primaries stuff here. Primaries Cafepress store here.

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At 9:05 AM, Anonymous Alex G. said...

Happy to see that you can appreciate the Uncle Sam logo as much as me. I'm originally from NH and when they revealed that logo four years ago, I was floored! I find it rare for new teams to come up with such classic logos in professional sport these days. Unfortunately I failed to realize the blunder in planning my trip home to NH a few weeks ago. I would have killed to see them play this weekend (25 Aug) in their Primaries uniforms; heck I might have even been able to snag a Primaries fitted hat (a fitted Uncle Sam hat is to die for!!).

At 11:39 PM, Anonymous N. True said...

I'm originally from New Hampshire and I just found out about these logo's. I've been living in San Diego for the last 7 years so I've missed out on this!! I think its the best logo's I've practically ever seen!! I wish I could buy all the gear with these logos, the shirt, the jersey, and I'm with you I only wear 5950 fitted hats. I wish i could find them with these logos. I've been looking but the only place I can find that sells them is the fisher cats online store but they don't have my size. I hope that they release some more of these. I can't believe they changed it to the fisher cats!! Like I said I'm from NH and I've probably only seen one or two, but the primaries I completely associate w/ NH. Bad judgment by the fans that complained.

At 11:41 PM, Anonymous N. True said...

I meant to finish saying that I've probably only seen one or two Fisher Cats in my life, but I see the primaries every four years.


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