Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Vancouver Canucks

The NHL season is fast approaching and if you didn't already know, the entire league is changing it's jerseys this season. They are going to a new, high performance jersey designed by Reebok. I don't even want to get into the new design and cut of the jersey other than to say that I dislike the whole idea, but at least it has given us something to talk about.

My favorite NHL team is the Vancouver Canucks simply because they were the closest to where I grew up and because I loved their logo. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest (near the Canadian Southwest) Orca whales are a big part of our culture and have a deeper meaning than they do anywhere else in North America. I appreciate their use in this logo, even if it has virtually nothing to do with the nickname Canucks (in fact, it had more to do with their old ownership group, Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment, but I'm fine with that). However, I wasn't sold on the burgundy in the old logo and I was happy to hear that they would be returning to the Canucks original blue and green color scheme with their redesign.

Unfortunately, they didn't bring any green into the recolored logo, and I don't know why. White, silver and navy don't make for a particularly striking logo, especially on this jersey. The green really stands out on the stripes and sleeves and on the alternate logo and it needs to be repeated on the crest. Combine the crest with the one color "Vancouver" text above it and you have a big colorless hole right in the middle of the jersey. It's disappointing that they fouled it up so bad in that respect because it could've been wildly successful.

The one thing that they did get right is the alternate logo. Basically it's just an update to their original primary logo...

It finally looks like a "C". It was too hard to quickly understand what they were getting at in the original. Although what I loved about the old stick in a hockey rink is that the Canucks were willing to celebrate one of the lamest logos of all-time.

Team: Vancouver Canucks
League: National Hockey League
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Arena: General Motors Place
Mascot: Fin
Merchandise: Replica jerseys keep getting more and more expensive.

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At 8:56 AM, Blogger lauri.sarkka said...

Although I'm almost categorically against the new shirt design, the new look of the Canucks surprises mostly in a positive sense. At least it does pay some tribute to their history, unlike the quite dull, unimaginative previous shirts.

That said, it now reminds me more of the long-gone Hartford Whalers, which I secretly imagine being the reason to adding the lame Vancouver text over the logo. Still it's not a copy of the deceased, but rather just a fusion of Vancouver's last season's primary and 3rd shirts. It indeed lacks some green touch, but it's quite hard to be disappointed with an improvement when it comes to the NHL of today.

At 5:08 AM, Blogger Mallrat said...

I've never been a huge fan of the orca, if for no other reason than it is essentially a logo slapped on there for corporate resons. I appreciate how the did bring back the old logos and changed up the color scheme. There could definitley be more green but as the other poster said, it could be worse and in today's NHL that's a positive thing. Makes me wanna cry.

At 9:51 PM, Blogger Brandon said...

I agree, I like the idea behind the jersey and I think it could've been one of the better NHL jerseys, and even as is, it's better than some of the one that are ridiculously complicated and complex. I just don't like what they did to the logo. It needs some more color. And without that color, it makes the jerseys looking weird.

At 5:06 AM, Blogger Andre said...

I am one of the many Canuck fans who does not like the Orca logo and even the updated Stick logo. The modified Stick looks crooked and the stick doesn't go through the green. However, I have a strong inkling that these new jerseys are transitionary. The Canucks ownership trial is over and is now waiting for a verdict. Until this happens, the Canucks do not have permission to remove the Orca. That's why Chris Zimmerman was hired. To be "the voice" behind this temporary look until Francesco Aquilini, should he keep his 100% stake in the club, make the necessary changes to the team logos, ie. original Stick logo and the classic Johnny Canuck lumberjack, which truly says "Canucks".

At 8:26 AM, Anonymous Elbow Murderpants said...

Even as a five year old I understood the reference to the old HockeyStick/Rink "C".

The colors were excellent and the design, clean. All the rest are a sorry bunch. I even like the Johnny Canuck element

Glad they brought it back. They should have it full time and lose the rest.


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