Monday, June 04, 2007

Utah Blaze

Despite doing my best to ignore tonight's big Utah Blaze/Colorado Crush Arena League Football game, I for some reason paused on ESPN2 and caught a glimpse of the Blaze's logo on a TV backdrop. It's rare to see an AFL logo that is understated and I was impressed with the simplicity of the Blaze logo. My first impression of their logo was very positive but when I found the logo online tonight I soured on it a little bit. I like the flame but the wordmark is a little too mechanical for my tastes.

While surfing the Blaze website, I was surprised to find that they have a dance team. Salt Lake City, if you didn't know, is a pretty conservative city. Women, Mormon or not, typically are expected to dress in relatively modest fashion. So it's surprising to see any SLC residents out in public in this state of undress. This dance team could have come from any of the other heathen AFL cities.

What sets this dance team apart from the rest of the minor league dance teams and places it squarely in Utah is the conservative answers given on their bios. Here is a quick breakdown of the 14 Utah Blaze dancer's Future Goals...

Get married - 6 members - including Laisa (right, great hair by the way) who wants to marry a handsome man and Nicole B. who wants to find Prince Charming

Have/Raise Children/Family - 8 members

Be Happy - 8 members - including Jodie whose only goal is to be happy

School/Career - a surprising 9 members - however many of those are listed after get married and have children

Live in Australia - 1 member - that's a very specific goal Nicole L.

I don't want to judge one way or the other. But while the liberal in me finds it a little weird that most of these young women list marriage and family above career and whanot, I find their decency refreshing when compared to other minor league dance teams. For example the Central Valley Coyotes, a group of girls who may have single handedly set feminism back 20 years.

Team: Utah Blaze
League: Arena Football League
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Arena: EnergySolutions Arena
Mascot: Chief
Dance Team: Harley Davidson Utah Blaze Dance Team
Online Store: At the AFL Store

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At 10:12 PM, Blogger Nick said...

As a Salt Lake City resident, I can assure you that women do not dress modestly here. In fact, females here tend to dress less conservatively than what I'm used to (I'm from Virginia). Mormon teenage girls and Mormon mothers of teenagers are the "worst" (so to speak) offenders. Bizarre but true.


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