Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Houston 1836

The San Jose Earthquakes are gone. Please welcome to Major League Soccer the Houston 1836 joining D.C. United, FC Dallas and Real Salt Lake in a retarded attempt to sound European. Congratulations Houston 1836, you are the most European of them all, in more ways that one.

the 1836 chose their name to honor the founding of the city of Houston, otherwise known as the worst year in this nation's history to anybody who has ever visited that cesspool of a city in the middle of summer. Or for that matter, in the middle of winter, spring or fall. I hate Houston with a passion.

It also is a horrible date for a group of people who are expected to comprise a large part of the 1836 fan base, Mexicans. The secession of Texas and the founding of Houston all came at the expense of Mexicans, and it sounds like they haven't really forgotten it. Add the image of Sam Houston leading the charge against the Mexican army to the logo and you can understand why there might not be too many Latinos proudly displaying their love for their new football team.

So in conclusion...

Fake European MLS names = Retarded
Houston 1836 = Retarded and ignorant
The City of Houston = Retarded, ignorant and squalid
Goode Company BBQ = Only redeeming quality

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At 7:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talk about ignorant. Anyone who really knows their history, knows that the Tejano Mexicans were the ones seeking independance and they fought alongside Sam Houston and others to win it.

Talk about fu**ing ignorant.

At 9:02 AM, Blogger Brandon said...

Thank you for sharing that article about the Alamo with me. You really proved your point with that one. I especially like the quote...

"Although the events of 1836 led to independence for the people of Texas, the Hispanic population of the state was very quickly disenfranchised to the extent that their political representation in the Texas State Legislature disappeared entirely for several decades."

I will admit that Texas born Mexicans did fight alongside Sam Houston, but the motivations of many working toward independence, and the actions taken against Mexicans after independence are in many cases inexcuseable. Add that to the fact that most of the Mexicans currently in Houston are not native Tejanos but recent immigrants (ilegal or not, they are huge soccer fans and the 1836 would have marketed to them) and you can understand why 1836 is an ignorant name.

Maybe you should read your proof before you send it. Oh yeah, I'll say it again. Houston is retarded, ignorant and squalid. That's what you are really upset about.


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