Sunday, January 30, 2005

Vancouver Giants vs. Kelowna Rockets

Saturday the Sports Logo Pundit spent the day up in beautiful but rainy Vancouver, British Columbia shopping at the awesome Granville Island Public Market, browsing around Chinatown and attending a Vancouver Giants vs. Kelowna Rockets hockey game. A fun time was had by all and it brought up the burning question, which team has the better logo?

But first, the game. Without the NHL the junior class Western Hockey League's Giants are the only game left in town and Vancouverites (Vancouverinians? Vannys? Couvs?) are foaming at the mouth for the chance to see any hockey. Thus, 11,000+ fans packed the Pacific Coliseum (the Canucks former arena before GM Place opened) for this tense matchup and they witnessed a great hockey game between two hard hitting and pissed off teams. Kelowna ended up winning the game 2-1 with a goal late in the third period but not before getting the tar beat out of them by some bone crushing Giant hits and one particularly brutal fight.

It was also Las Vegas night at the Coliseum and one lucky fan won a free trip to Vegas. Unfortunately it wasn't me who won the trip but I still got to get my picture taken with a couple of showgirls. It was kind of shocking to see them hanging out at a hockey game. I'm still surprised Death? let me pose for a picture with them. Thanks honey!

Anyway, on to the logos. I'm a huge fan of the Kelowna Rockets logo and have been since I figured out what that silly dragon was. What you may ask does that funky looking dragon have anything to do with Rockets or Kelowna? Well let me tell you. That dragon you are referring to is none other than Lake Okanogan's legendary sea creature Oggopoggo. Simply put, he's a Canadian Loch Ness Monster. It doesn't have much to do with the name Rockets but whatever, it works for me. It makes for a very cartoony logo that kids will love but still looks fierce enough that adults would be happy to wear a jersey or shirt with him on it.

The Giants logo is alright. The color scheme looks great on the jerseys and on their merchandise but the lumberjack character just doesn't have much life. I didn't even realize that he was supposed to be a lumberjack until I saw their mascot at the game. They subtly named him "Jack" to get the point across. I think it would make more sense if he was named "Paul" but what can you do?

So what do you think? Who has the better logo? Is it the Kelowna Rockets or the Vancouver Giants. The Rockets may have won the game but will they win the logo battle. Please place your vote in the comments section below. Thanks!

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