Thursday, July 19, 2007

Corning Bulldogs

This was a fascinating look into how a logo is developed an illustration of what a great tool Chris Creamer's Sports Logos Community is for designers and teams alike.

The designer, cyandlux or Sean Von Felden (I assume that's his real name) started posting preliminary designs for the ABA's Corning Bulldogs logo last week. Each time he posted an updated design, the other members of the board gave him constructive criticism and with this feedback and the feedback of the owner of the team (I'm sure it was hard to please both of those inputs at the same time), in a relatively short time, it evolved into the final product shown above.

I like the logo, it's definitely one of the best logos that the ABA has ever had, but there are problems with it that even the designer admits to in his posts. Like the basketball dog tag. He didn't want that in there and neither did the other posters, but the owner really wanted a basketball in there somewhere so there you go.

He also admits that he went crazy with the outlines. One of the earlier versions of this logo was just the bulldog without wordmark or outlines or dog tag and it was the best of the bunch except for a couple of problems with the ears and nose that he ended up fixing. I think if he went with just the current bulldog without the outline, it would be an outstanding logo. But again, I think the owner wanted the outlines. What can you do?

Kudos to Sean for his solid design, which probably didn't pay too well. And also kudos to 24 year-old James Schultz, the owner of the Bulldogs for finding him, probably through the boards. I've said that if I owned a sports team and I needed a logo done on the cheap, I'd enlist the services of some of the young designers on these boards.

If history is any indication, the Bulldogs won't play out their entire season. But unlike the other ABA teams that inevitably will fold, at least the Bulldogs will have a solid logo to take to their grave.

Team: Corning Bulldogs - hopefully the find someone to redo their website as well
League: American Fraudulent Basketball Association
Location: Corning, New York - will this small town embrace this team?

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At 12:45 AM, Blogger TSBAllStars3 said...

After reading your description of the evolution of this logo I had to laugh. The person paying the bills calls the shots. Even if they don't have a real eye for what they are directing.

The logo is ok. Drop the outline, basketball dog tag, and shrink the spike collar. The spike collar just seems to draw too much attention away from the actual bulldog image.

At 2:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is actually a pretty lame logo. I agree with the changes by tsball...

Bulldogs? Maybe they could have picked Tigers... lame


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