Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Everett Hawks

After reading a strange little press release on OurSportsCentral about the Snohomish County Stallions, a new indoor football team that will begin play in some new start-up league, I started to wonder about the Everett Hawks. An article about the Stallions mentions that they have thought about the Everett Events Center, the home of the Hawks, as their arena. How in the world anybody thinks that there's room for a second indoor football team in the Everett area is beyond me. The only explanation that I could come up with? The Everett Hawks must have folded.

A quick Google search showed what I suspected - the Hawks are still going strong and I sincerely doubt that they will be going away anytime soon. These Stallions are barking up the wrong tree here or, as the case may be, pooping on the wrong barn floor (I just made that cliche up. Does that still make it a cliche?)

While surfing through the Hawks website, I clicked on the Dance Team link and found this picture...

That's Rachel Kerr, the Hawk's Dance Team Coordinator, showing off the goods for some reason. I'm not saying anything about Ms. Kerr personally, but I just don't understand why this picture is on their website. It's so inappropriate. She's the Dance Team Coordinator not a dancer. She puts the team together, I suppose she teaches and choreographs their routines and she schedules them for appearances. All the rest of staff are happy with head shots so why she warrants her own modeling shot above the actual team itself baffles me. Is she a local celebrity of some kind that that fans are interested in? Search me - I just don't get it.

This isn't the first time that I've posted about dance team coordinators. They have this weird power on some team's websites that isn't given to any other member of the organization. None of the players get that kind of treatment, neither do any of the coaches or any of the staff. If there is one good thing to take from this, at least she doesn't have some lengthy, self aggrandizing biography like my man Jasen Page.

Seriously, how ridiculous is it to have a dance tea....Wait, what? This is a logo blog you say? What about the Hawk's logo? Fine. Have it your way...

The hawk head part of the logo is alright, nothing special. But the "Hawks" wordmark is overkill. It's too complicated and is hard to read especially the "S" on the end. That being said, the logo is pretty average. Nothing to rant about and nothing to rave about, that's why I wrote about their dance team coordinator.

Team: Everett Hawks
League: af2
Location: Everett, Washington
Arena: Everett Events Center
Dance Team: Birds of Prey - featuring Rachel Kerr in the office!!!
Mascot: Everett the Hawk - wow. creative.
Online Store: Replica jerseys for $35!

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At 9:16 AM, Anonymous Grant in Des Moines said...

Nice price for a replica... but what's with Iowa Hawkeye "Hawk Head" for sale?

At 10:01 AM, Blogger nathaniel said...

used to work with her (rachel kerr)when she was a waitress at the Golden nugget casino in Shoreline. She did a playboy shoot once. Got her axed from the seahawks or sonics dance team. Can't remember which.Need to model is apparently self destructive


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