Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Methodist University Monarchs

A big thank you goes out to Jamie for suggesting that I review Methodist University's new athletic logos and for his very kind compliments. I think that this suggestion gives me a good opportunity to share with you the process that I use to determine whether or not I like a logo.

I first saw the Methodist University Monarchs logo on the Sportslogos.net forums a couple of months ago. There it was being picked apart piece by piece (as is nearly every new logo released) by the professional designers and largely amateur sports logo nerds (I say that in the most loving way possible) that populate that board. Some of them took issue with some of the technical aspects of the design, particularly with how the crown sits on top of the head.

While I don't have any kind of background in art or graphic design, I can see some of these flaws, the crown does seem a little awkward. But this isn't how I determine what I like and don't like for The Sports Logo Pundit. My process consists of two or three simple questions:

"Would I buy a t-shirt or hat with that logo on it?"

"If I were a fan of this team or an alum of this school, would I be proud of this logo?"

And, if the logo is an update or upgrade from an old logo:

"Is the new logo an improvement?"

From there I examine the circumstances of the logo more closely and ask some more questions, but usually my opinion comes down to those first three questions.

So, let's use this criteria for the Monarchs logos. Put any of these logos (click here to see the whole package) on a green t-shirt or hoodie and I would most definitely buy one. And if I went to Methodist, I would be very proud of this logo especially since it is a major upgrade from the numerous and seemingly random Methodist logos of the past. It's an interesting and striking new identity for an institution that made a major transition going from Methodist College to Methodist University earlier this year.

Sure it's got a couple of technical issues that graphic designers and sports logo nerds will find issue with, but for the average fan (myself included) it's a solid effort from a school that we probably wouldn't have even noticed otherwise.

Team: Methodist University Monarchs
League: USA South Athletic Conference
Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina
Facilities: I love it when schools post pictures of their facilities

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