Saturday, June 24, 2006

Anaheim Ducks

In an effort to distance themselves from Disney and Emilio Estevez (where the heck is he?), the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim are no longer Of. Or Mighty, either, I guess. Instead, they are just the plain old, boring Anaheim Ducks.

On Thursday, the Samueli family unveiled the new Duck's logo and jerseys. The good news is that they have ditched the trendy early 90's teal and eggplant color scheme and replaced it with the trendy early 00's black, metallic gold and orange color scheme. Gone is the duck billed goalie mask, in is a web footed "D" and a bold "Anaheim Ducks" script.

I have no big problem with this logo. But it's not very exciting or interesting. It's another example of a team that had a great opportunity to really make an impact with something ground-breaking and unique, but they played it safe and went with something that is just OK. The best I can say about it is, it will do.

My real problem, though, is with these jerseys and the lack of a striking logo on the chest. I've said it before, but my favorite hockey jerseys have a crest on the front, a graphic representation of the team, not just text. I don't want to have to read.

I always liked the goalie mask, but hated the colors. They kept their mascot Wildwing, who is modeled after the old jerseys, why couldn't they keep the goalie mask and spruce it up a bit if they weren't planning on hitting a homerun with a new logo? At the very least use it as a secondary logo.

The goalie mask, to me, was one of the most unique and recognizable logos in sports. I could spot a Mighty Ducks jersey from a hundred yards away and I knew that it was a Mighty Ducks of Anaheim jersey. I understand their want to move away from the Disneyization of the logo, but why throw away such an important and identifying symbol for the team?

I'd have to think a secondary logo and third jersey are on their way. When they finish milking the sales on new black and white primary logo jerseys, they will introduce the alternate. Hopefully the goalie mask will make a triumphant return upon their release.

I'm not the only one who thinks this way, the Duck's Message Boards are on fire with a mutual Meh, and a resounding vote of confidence for Wildwing and the mask.

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At 5:40 AM, Anonymous Duke said...

You know, I have one of the original Mighty Ducks jerseys, including the fighting strap. I love the colors and the look. The new logo and l colors are, well...just wrong.

I guess I always liked the name "Mighty Ducks". It was unusual, not a combination that you normally see together.

Odds are they will come up with some lame 3rd or alternate jersey featuring the goalie mask/Wild Wing and eventually return to the original designs after they see that no one is buying the new merchandise.

3rd/Alternate design jerseys are hit and miss. The Capitals made their 3rd jersey their primary a few years back. The Islanders were supposed to revive their "Gorton Fisherman" as an alternate. Personally, I loved that logo as the primary.

The LA Kings had an interesting 3rd/Alternate jersey a few years back when they had a combination black/silver and purple/gold design with elements from the new and old look.

Well, good luck to them.

At 1:25 PM, Anonymous Mediocre Fred said...

I haven't liked the Ducks' old unis since, oh, maybe the year after they came out. The new ones, though, aren't much of an improvement. From quirky and bad to boring and so-so. The color scheme reminds me too much of the Penguins, although the little stripe of orange is nice.

Also, black-and-gold doesn't seem like an "Anaheim" color combo to me. Makes me think Pittsburgh, or some industrial Midwestern city.

At 11:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone on the Ducks board posted his rendering of a better logo:

At least it's a crest!

At 9:41 PM, Blogger David said...

You're dead-on about the logo versus team name on the front. The only reason the Rangers get away with that is because the design is old, and the team name isn't even stylized anyway like this Ducks' name is.

And it's true, the first thing you think of to visually identify a hockey team is some insignia, not a team name across the front of a jersey. The front of a hockey jersey is just about akin to a logo on a football helmet.

I'm a Canuck fan, and I can't even tell you what the team name wordmark is, and I think that's because there isn't one. There is no one design on the word "CANUCKS." The visually identifiable mark is the C with the orca whale crashing through it. Pretty much every other NHL team does it that way.

In preceding commenter Duke, I think we might have finally found someone that likes both the Gorton fisherman Islander jersey (the surname font on the back was terrible) as well as the Burger King jerseys the LA Kings had. Amazing.

At 7:57 PM, Anonymous christopher said...

well im trying to get the old logo back if you guys want to help me and if you can you can email me at leave ur first name and last. this is to try to get the old logo back on the jersey



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