Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Iona Gaels

I had every intention to introduce you to the logos of some of the lesser known NCAA Tournament teams. However, I realize now that most of these logos are boring as can be. The best name of the bunch, The Great Danes of Albany, just use an "A" with UAlbany written across the front. The Salukis of Southern Illinois is also a very unique name, but their logo is awful and not even worthy of review.

That leaves only a couple of logos standing proudly above the others. The first of which is Iona College and their jaundiced, red velvet draped Gael who definitely stands proud and completely psychotic. You have to give it to Iona College for the job they have done creating a mascot that is both cuddly and cute (must be the red velvet outfit) and super crazy all at the same time.

And I finally know what a Gael is. None of the other Gael teams (I'm looking at you Saint Mary's, and, well Saint Mary's is the only other one) give me visual proof of what a Gael is. I guess it is kind of like a leprechaun, except Gaelic. Ok, so that isn't true. It refers to a Gaelic speaking Celt in Ireland or Scotland, that looks like a leprechaun with cirrhosis of the liver.

Definitely cute, definitely scary. Go Gaels!

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