Sunday, March 05, 2006

Edinburg Coyotes

The Central Baseball League is no more. Half of the teams joined the Northern League defectors to form the new American Association while the other half joined the upstart United Baseball League. But one team got left behind and got kicked out of their baseball stadium in favor of a new team.

The Edinburg Roadrunners, after years of success at the box office but idiotic management that eventually led to their demise, were given the boot earlier this year. Enter the Edinburg Coyotes, possibly the United Baseball League's best shot at success. Unfortunately the chose a name with two strikes against it from the outset.

First of all, the old team was called the Roadrunners, the new team is called the Coyotes. Have you figured out the connection yet? It is so lame you wouldn't believe it. The Coyotes refer to Wile E. Coyote who, of course, chases after the Roadrunner. That might be a little funny if it weren't for the fact that the Roadrunner always gets the better of the Coyote. That is a bad start. Strike one.

Secondly, a coyote is a term used down in the Rio Grande Valley (and all along the border) for someone who illegally smuggles Mexican immigrants into the USA. Coyotes aren't very well liked. The Mexicans don't like them because they typically treat the immigrants like crap while in transport and the white folks don't like them because they bring the Mexicans into to town illegally. Strike two.

Now, if the logo at the beginning of this post is their logo, we've got strike three. (I haven't been able to find an official logo for the Coyotes yet - they have no website, the local newspapers were of no help, and the UBL website is still under construction. The logo is from this design site) This logo, like all logos from the State of Texas, has way too much going on. A coyote howling, a baseball moon, a baseball moon shadow, the state of Texas with Edinburg marked with a star, a big blocky coyotes script, Edinburg in a box and a baseball diamond in the background. Seriously, what else could they possibly squeeze in there?

I can't believe I am going to say this because I used to work for the Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings and the Edinburg Roadrunners were our arch-rivals on and off the field, but I already miss Rowdy and the Roadrunners. Despite better and more likeable management (they couldn't get much worse than the Roadrunner's management) the Coyotes are a really poor substitute and they have already struck out with me. (Homeless Rowdy photo found here with other really cool photographs)

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At 8:29 AM, Anonymous Preston Henrichson said...

I hope you can find it within yourself to give "Cody" the Coyote and the team a second "at bat". Coyote management has done an incredible job in putting together the best team in the league with a current record of 12-0! The Harlingen Whitewings manager recently commented that the Coyotes have great pitching, great defense and an amazing offense. These guys deserve some support. They have earned it.

If you go to a game you will find the concessions to be reasonably priced and tasty and service at the ballpark to be outstanding. The new group is here to stay with a long term committment to excellence. Management is present and visible at every game.

I should admit that I am not without bias on this subject. I was fortunate enough to be recruited as the first local person to obtain a participating interest in ownership with the local team. I would not have become involved had I not been absolutely sure of the fine character and ability of the organizers.

By the way, we had nothing to do with the loss of the lease by the Roadrunners. They accomplished that before my group first contacted me. In fact, it was because of the loss of the lease by the Roadrunners that my group learned of the possible availability of the stadium. My partners had just signed a lease with Harlingen to bring back the Whitewings.

I believe that the upper valley is lucky that this new team is here.

I hope you will become a believer in and supporter of Coyote Baseball. I pledge to do what I can do to earn your support for the team and the organization.

Preston Henrichson


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