Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Harrisburg City Islanders

This is arguably one of the most effective names in all of professional sports. It's not terribly creative or exciting or anything like that, but those aspects are not that important. What makes this name great is that it tells you exactly where the USL's second division Harrisburg City Islanders play...City Island.

City Island sits right smack dab in the middle of the Susquehanna River and is home to both the City Islanders and the Harrisburg Senators baseball team. If you live in Harrisburg or in the surrounding areas, I'd have to imagine you know how to get to City Island. It's a major destination.

So imagine yourself sitting around at home reading the sports page and you notice that the City Islanders are playing tonight. What the hell, you might as well go and check it out, but you've never been to one of their games. No problem, just head onto City Island to the soccer stadium. Pretty simple. No research, no mapquesting, no big deal. People are lazy and some won't take the time to look up directions. This name takes away a major barrier to people coming to see your games. They should know where they are going without any hassle.

I'm not that fond of the logo, although if they are trying to be funny by putting a palm tree and a sun in the logo then I'm fine with it. Otherwise it doesn't really make any sense. But the logo isn't nearly as important or interesting as the choice of name. Kudos to the City Islanders!

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