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From the SLP Archives: Seattle Supersonics

First of all, thanks to Mike for pointing out the Casper Ghosts, I will get to that this weekend. But today, because of the disheartening news that Clay Bennett has filed his intention to move the Seattle Sonics to OKC, I bring you my rant about the sale of the team from July 18th of last year.

I really dislike Bennett and his hostage taking tactics he has used since taking over, but the person who deserves ALL of the blame is that snake in the grass Howard "Mr. Starbucks" Schultz. Screw him for ever selling to outside interests. He can take his coffee and shove it you know where. I mean it when I say in this that if I ever ran into him in person again - I used to quite often at Salumi - I will give him a piece of my mind.

In the meantime, these idiot Sonics owners will never get even a dollar out of me and I wish that the people of Seattle would stay away from the Key in droves. Buying tickets will not save this team, it's not about you, it's all about that big corporate suite money.

Wow! What a bummer. If you haven't heard yet, Howard Schultz has sold the Seattle Sonics and Storm to an Oklahoma City group led by Clayton Bennett for $350 million, a profit of $90 million for Schultz after figuring in the losses that he has claimed. The team will definitely play the 2006-2007 season in Seattle, but after that they are not contractually obligated to stay in town if they can get out of their Key Arena lease, which probably wouldn't be a problem.

For all Sonics and Storm fans this comes as no big surprise and a big shock all at the same time. Schultz has been complaining for the last two years about Key Arena and all of the money that he has lost and has been frustrated by the lack of interest that the city, the state and all of it's residents have expressed about publicly subsidizing yet another sports stadium in Seattle. It isn't a surprise to see Schultz sell out.

But I don't think anybody could have anticipated that he would sell to a group who, despite everything that they say about wanting to stay in Seattle, are so obviously focused on bringing a team to Oklahoma City permanently. The New Orleans Hornets are scheduled to play once again in OKC for the 2006-2007 season and George Shinn wants to relocate them there for good. But you have to think that the purchase of the Sonics by a major player in bringing the Hornets to town in the first place, is an indication that the Hornets will be staying in New Orleans and the Sonics will be taking over in 2007.

It's a disgusting move by a man, Howard Schultz, who claims to be a community leader and owes so much of his success and the success of his other company, Starbucks, to Seattle and the State of Washington. It is a sale obviously aimed to put pressure on the city to build a new arena, or else. In today's press conference, Shultz said that the OKC group "has a better chance to succeed in negotiations with local government" failing to add what he really wanted to say: "because if they don't, it will be the city's fault that the Sonics are gone for good."

I'm rooting for the city and state not to cave. As much as I love the Sonics, hell I worked part-time for the Sonics and Storm for two and a half years, I don't ever support public funding for stadiums, anywhere. At least not a majority of funding unless the facility will be open to the public most of the time. And I don't mean open to the public to buy expensive basketball or concert tickets, I mean open to everybody to use equally, like a community center. I didn't think that Safeco Field should have been funded and I still think Qwest Field is a joke.

Seattle has so many other pressing capital fund projects that need funding. The city needs a new viaduct before it collapses, a new 520 bridge before it sinks and, for god sakes, to finish an actual rapid transit system. I know that it isn't necessarily the same money that would fund these projects but it doesn't matter, you can't be whining about no funding for some projects and then brag about your brand new, publicly financed basketball arena. Nobody will buy it. Key Arena is not a threat to life and limb, it does not need to be replaced. The viaduct and the 520 are. Fix them now, screw the arena.

If the OKC group really wants to stay in Seattle like they say, they will see what an advantage it is for them to put forward the majority of the funding for a new arena and run it themselves keeping all of the profits. But you know as well as I do that isn't going to happen when their hometown is ready and willing to have it's own team permanently.

Howard Schultz should have been able to see that advantage too, but when public funding is possible, nobody is willing to put up their own money. He has forced the city and state into an impossible position, either they buckle and give up more than ever or they lose the team. Damn you Howard Schultz, I hope whenever you show your face in public someone lights into you for this. I know that if I ever see you at Salumi, you will get an ear full. Unfortunately, I live in California, so I won't get the opportunity any time soon.

As far as the logo goes, this is a logo blog after all, I have always thought it was garbage. I am happy they ditched the red and went back to the original colors, but this logo is so lackluster it's unacceptable. They had an opportunity to go back to the great skyline in a basketball logo and didn't and I never forgave them for that. And they have never been the Sonics to me, they never should have dropped the Super from their name. The Sonics can move anywhere they want if you ask me, but the Supersonics will live on no matter what happens.

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At 3:30 AM, Blogger Dave2 said...

Howard Schultz is only one of the owners... I believe that there are 8 others who partnered up with him to buy the team. THAT being said... the guy is personally worth over a billion dollars. That somebody with such vast wealth is able to sell out Sonics fans and the city of Seattle like this is pretty reprehensible. Surely somebody with such huge cash reserves and business acumen could have found a way to keep the team where they belong. Forget the massive success of Starbucks... this will be Schultz's legacy.

At 10:31 AM, Blogger breatnyS said...

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At 11:29 AM, Anonymous catherine said...

I wasn't aware that the name was shortened from Supersonics, but you know what, given these new circumstances I'm really not all that mad. Not even the same team anymore, are they?

I kinda liked that rust colored retro looking stuff they were going with for awhile there, I liked the deeper colors and thought it looked classy. Oh well, whatever, looks like it doesn't matter now. We can focus on more important things.



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