Monday, October 22, 2007

RIP: Las Vegas Gladiators

I'm a little slow with this news, but if you didn't hear already, the Las Vegas Gladiators of the Arena Football League will be moving to Cleveland next season with Bernie Kosar at the reins.

There are some in the Vegas area that are pretty happy that the Gladiators are gone. Owner Jim Ferraro ran the team into the ground. After a season in which they averaged over 10,000 fans a game, Ferraro moved them from the Thomas & Mack Center to the Orleans Arena where attendance dipped to a staggeringly low 5,383 in 2007. Granted the team stunk going 2-14, but that is no reason to drop nearly 5,000 fans per game. That's simply poor management. Chances are Vegas will get another team in the pretty near future. Going a couple years without football could end up being worth it.

And while some are happy, there are others that are without a doubt upset. The handful of fans in the area will have to go without football for a while, the players who now have to spend their downtime in The Flats instead of the Bellagio, and maybe most of all, the Gladiators cheer squad, the Goddesses. I mean, what on earth are these girls going to do for work now?

I mean, young, busty, flexible, dancers just don't have a whole lot of opportunities in the Vegas area. Perhaps we should set up a fund for them, maybe do some bake sales or car washes or something. Jim Ferraro, I ask you...What about the cheerleaders? Can't we all just think about the cheerleaders for once?

Team: Las Vegas Gladiators
League: Arena Football League
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Arena: Orleans Arena
Mascot: Thraxx
Dance Team: Goddesses

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At 6:42 AM, Blogger Carl the Big Fool said...

Spotted on the Las Vegas Advisor's news feed:
•October 22, 2007 Hawaiian Tropic Zone Seeks Beautiful Women The next addition to the Miracle Mile's dining and nightlife options, scheduled to open in December, is running a recruitment drive throughout this week and next, seeking stunning females to fill the positions of table concierges, bartenders, hostesses, and promotional models.
All applicants are advised to bring their bathing suits.

Lucky break for the cheerleaders, eh?

At 12:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonder where she got the nickname "JackAttack".

I have a few theories...


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