Monday, September 17, 2007

Phoenix Mercury

I don't comment on actual on-the-field stuff too often, but I would like to congratulate the Phoenix Mercury for winning the 2007 WNBA Championship by defeating the Detroit Shock 108-92 yesterday. Diana Taurasi and Cappie Pondexter are two of the league's best, most exciting young players and Penny Taylor is another outstanding Australian import that raised her game in the playoffs including scoring 30 in the final game. Plus, the old run-and-gun specialist Paul Westhead is their coach, and he's one of my all-time favorites. It was a well deserved win for a very good team.

A few years ago, I worked game days for the Seattle Storm and had an absolutely great time and came to really enjoy WNBA basketball. I recognize that it's not for everybody but I think it's a great league that deserves some respect and I'm sick of how virtually every sports blog has something snide to say whenever something happens in the WNBA. Every crummy joke that they make is so cliche. We've heard them all over the league's history. I wish they'd just give it up already and leave the WNBA be. No one's forcing you to cover it.

I challenge all the haters to go to a game and look around you and see how much fun the hordes of little girls are having. Better yet, if you have a daughter, take her and some of her friends and see how much fun they have. YOU don't have to enjoy the game, but recognize how important the league is to little girls and some other largely underrepresented groups, including people who like affordable family entertainment.

My wife is pregnant right now and if we have a girl I hope and pray that the WNBA will still be around for her to look up to the players and enjoy. Heck, I hope that the WNBA will still be around if we have a boy so that he can see that women have a place in sports other than being cheerleaders and beer girls. Marginalizing women like that isn't how I expect my children to think especially with a smart, strong, doctor mom in the house.

One thing though, can we please do something about the Mercury logo? It's really bad. Definitely not a championship caliber logo.

Team: Phoenix Mercury
League: WNBA
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Arena: US Airways Center
Mascot: Scorch
Merchandise: Get your championship gear now!

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At 5:15 AM, Blogger Mallrat said...

That is by far one of the worst logos ever.

At 7:39 AM, Anonymous Grant in Des Moines said...

Good logo for a fast food joint, crappy logo for sports.

At 2:44 PM, Blogger IIFL Report said...

For those keeping score:

World Championships:
Phoenix Suns: 0
Phoenix Mercury: 1



P.S. Congratulations on the Chupacabras being first place in the IIFL West!


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