Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Saint Mary's College Gaels

I've been sitting here trying to figure out some way of cleverly describing why I like the new Saint Mary's College logo, but it's just not coming to me. Darn you serious lack of creativity! Actually, I'm still thinking about this. So here's a boring, one paragraph review...

I just simply like it. It's classic but unique and does a nice job of illustrating Celtic traditions (they describe a Gael as a Celtic warrior). And it is a huge improvement over the previous generic "SMC" logo.

Thoughts anybody?

Team: Saint Mary's College Gaels
Conference: West Coast Conference
Location: Moraga, CA
Facilities: Alas, no pictures
Merchandise: Not too much with the new logo yet

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At 6:20 AM, Blogger Mallrat said...

I definitely agree it's better than the prvious logo, which look like they just threw a bunch of letter together. I also like how they added influence from the book of kells to give it a hibernian(irish)look. Solid effort all around.

At 10:33 AM, Blogger Replicant said...

I don't know the previous logo but I really like the fact they tried to tie in some connection to the Gaelic element. I hate it when nicknames or logos have NOTHING to do w/ a school or region so it's nice to see something connected and where it makes sense.


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