Wednesday, February 07, 2007

King County Royals

All things considered, the ABA's King County Royals logo isn't too bad. Sure it's cheap and the lettering is awful, but after reading this incredible article by Steve Kelley in the Seattle Times earlier this week, I'm amazed that they have made it this far to even have a logo anymore.

The article focuses mainly on former broadcaster turned professional basketball coach Jim Turner, a fascinating story on its own. But it also chronicles the life of a seemingly typical ABA basketball team.

On this particular day, the Royals were forced to move a game against the Big Valley Shockwave away from their normal home court at North Seattle Community College to Green River Community College where they played in front of a crowd of four. Yes, four individuals showed up including the two year-old son of one of the players. I understand it was a rescheduled game away from home, but from what I hear the home games haven't drawn much better.

Let me put it to you this way: I play pickup basketball every Wednesday night with a bunch of guys. None of us are any good and given that half of us have to skin up each game game, it gets pretty ugly in there. But we usually draw four to six fans. At my Mormon basketball game on Thursday nights, the gym is usually packed with 20-30 spectators. I love the fact that I play in front of more people than this "professional" basketball team normally does.

Sadly, the Royals are not alone in their struggles, this after all, is the ABA. To be fair, the league has had some success this season (see the Vermont Frost Heaves) but if you surf the league news just from this week, you can see that it's the same old, same old in the league office (click here and here).

My advice to the Royals: get out while you still can and take your game to the Mormon leagues.

Team: King County Royals
League: American Basketball Association
Location: Seattle, Washington
Arena: North Seattle Community College Wellness Center

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