Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Everett Explosion

I was fully prepared to rip into the Everett Explosion of the International Basketball League not only for their dull, unprofessional logo but also for having the nerve to think that they could draw 4,000 fans a game to the Everett Events Center this year. Like most minor league basketball franchises who talk big talk, I figured they were either totally delusional or just blowing smoke up the local's rears. I was ready to make fun of their dance team, their sponsors, their website and their massive front office.

But then I started looking through their website and I realized that, for once, a minor league basketball team is doing it all right. The Explosion's twelve owners have been getting out on the street and pressing the flesh as much as they can selling sponsorships and signing partnerships. They have been selling season tickets (900 or so sold) since the very beginning. They quickly put together a dance team and published a calendar and now send them to as many community events as possible. They signed Everett's sports radio station on to broadcast their games. They have the most informative and up-to-date website of any minor league basketball team I have seen. And, judging from the coverage they have received from the Everett Herald, they have formed a very strong relationship with the local media.

What can I say? I can't argue with that. If I owned or operated a team, those are the things that I would pour all my energy into, that's how you operate a successful franchise. It doesn't matter if your logo is garbage or that your on-court talent is supremely lacking (other than University of Washington's Donald Watts, this team has no recognizable names), enthusiasm and hard work can go a long way and the Explosion appear to be running over in both of those areas.

Whether it translates to success or not is yet to be seen, but they are putting themselves in a better position to succeed than most minor league basketball franchises do, and I can't rip them for that.

Team: Everett Explosion
League: International Basketball League
Location: Everett, Washington
Arena: Everett Events Center
Mascot: Boomer
Dance Team: Explosion Dance Team
Online Store: Get your frisbee, foam finger and dance team calendar

Nathan, the general manager of the Explosion, emailed me and pointed me toward a newer version of their logo (below) that is much, much better. Even though it simply looks like they took the old logo and applied some Photoshop filters and added some color, the difference is incredible. It looks a lot more dynamic and professional.

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Donald Watts is still alive....????


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