Saturday, November 25, 2006

Anderson Sparks - Hopefully

I love a good old fashioned name-the-team contest so I have to give it up to the independent South Coast League's franchises for taking it one step further by letting their fans not only pick the name but also the logo to go along with it.

The latest franchise to get in on the fun is the Anderson, South Carolina team slated to play at the Anderson Memorial Stadium when the SCL kicks off it's inaugural season in the spring. Earlier this week the team announced the four finalists in their name-the-team contest. Fans are asked to cast their votes by filling out this online form, but not before we take a quick look at each logo...

Anderson Surge - According to Ballpark Digest, Anderson is know as "The Electric City" because it was the first southern city with unlimited electric power. Three of the nicknames use this as a theme including the "Surge". Of the four finalists, this is my least favorite nickname and logo. First of all, the name is singular and I hate singular names. The only belong in minor league basketball and lacrosse, they have no business on a baseball team. Plus, what is that thing on the logo supposed to be?

Anderson Joes - This is my favorite logo of the bunch because of it's classic simplicity, but the name seems like a stretch. Apparently Anderson is where Joe Jackson earned his Shoeless Joe nickname during a game in 1908. That's a fun legend and all, but hardly a good reason to name your team the "Joes".

Anderson Jolt - Barely edges "Surge" for third place of the four finalists. The logo is dull but at least it doesn't have a roided out thunderbolt, if that's what that is. It also gets points because I can't think of another team anywhere named the Jolt.

Anderson Sparks - My favorite of the four for purely selfish reasons (hint: it's always good to have another team in the family). The logo has more of a basketball feel to it, but I love the shooting sparks and I would love to see if they could work them onto the cap in an interesting way.

So head on over to the Anderson website and do me a big favor and vote for the "Sparks" nickname. I'm rooting hard for it to win but I have a feeling it will need a little help.

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At 12:05 PM, Anonymous Mediocre Fred said...

"Sparks" has my vote!

At 12:36 PM, Anonymous grant from des moines said...

I gotta go with the "Joes". Hey, I'm an Iowan, you gotta root for the Field of Dreams, plus, it's a solid logo.

At 8:34 AM, Anonymous grant from des moines said...

"Joes" Win!


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