Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Miami Vice

It only took 15 years, but a professional football team has finally adopted the name of my first fantasy football team. The history of the Capital Fantasy Football League's Miami Vice is rich and deep, but sadly came to an end when I moved the team to Olympia, Washington to become the Capital Mall Rats. After only a couple of seasons in Olympia, the Vice/Mall Rats moved to Lind, Washington where they took the Inland Empire Fightin' Combines moniker and they remain today.

The NIFL Miami Vice will begin play in 2007 with real players, but a much worse logo than the one that I designed for my team while a freshman in high school. I wonder if I still have that design at my parents house, I think I could sell it to them for a pretty penny.

In related news, while trying to find some information about the Miami Vice, I came across the NIFL League Store where I found this...

How exciting! Now you can wear the Official Home Jersey of your favorite NIFL team, if your favorite NIFL team is the Tri-Cities Fever (since that is the only one that is currently available) and if you have recently won big in Powerball...

They have to be kidding, right? $300? Before shipping and taxes? What a deal! You'd better act quickly because these things are priced to sell and your kid will hate you forever if you don't get them one for Christmas. You already missed out on freak-out Elmo, slacker. By the way, I wear a 2XL in case you were wondering (wink, wink).

UPDATE - The NIFL has fixed their storefront and the jersey is now priced at only $79. I would like to think that it was all because of this blog, but probably not. Thanks to Big Jim for pointing the correction out.

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At 2:13 AM, Anonymous James McG said...

Ummm...Thanks for the Fever props, but the jersey is only $79.00 on the site, and since the Fever may not be in this league after season 2007, maybe it will drop more, (See IFL and AFL2) Brandon you rock, and I hope you and Angie move back to the wet state soon!!!!!! Jim


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