Monday, August 08, 2005

2006 MLB All-Star Logo

First of all I have to say sorry. I didn't realize that I had gone almost a whole week without a post. I was thinking I made that last post on Thursday but I guess it was actually Tuesday. I must be getting old, the brain isn't working all that great anymore.

Michael emailed me asking if I had seen the 2006 All-Star Game logo that the Pittsburgh Pirates revealed last week. No I had not seen it, so thank you for the tip! I have been doing some reading and this logo really isn't turning the cranks of anybody in Pittsburgh and I can totally understand that, although I don't agree with it because I know what really is behind this logo and I am very proud of MLB for taking a stand.

The 2006 All-Star Game is going to be sports first coming out of the closet party. Finally the Billy Beans and Derek Jeters of the baseball world will be acknowledged and accepted for who they are. I personally think it is great. It is about time that a major pro sport took a stand. Most of these games are pretty homo-erotic anyway, so why not just come out and admit that there are gay men playing these games. I just think Pittsburgh is kind of an odd choice of a city to host a party like this.

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At 3:25 AM, Anonymous james said...

Hey Brandon....Did you know that PNC Park has the largest Outback Steakhouse in the world......Just for your it's stuck in Pittsburgh!!!!!


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