Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Mesa Miners

The Golden Baseball League has finally wrapped up naming all of their franchises for their 2005 inaugural season. The final members to get names and logos were the Mesa Miners and the Surprise Fightin' Falcons (what happened to the Desert Penguins?).

Amazingly enough to me, I actually quite like the Miners logo. I was prepared to hate it and at first I thought it was lame. But after looking at it for a while it definitely has grown on me. I especially like the "M" logo. This is one thing that the company who designed these logos has done really well. The secondary letter logos all look great. The fonts they have used are unique and will stand out nicely and will be very recognizable on their caps and other merchandise. And the Miner is going to make a really great looking mascot for the team. He will definitely be recognizable in the community.

I'm still a little bit confused at this design company's either inability or unwillingness to use eyes on their logos but this is a trivial matter. All that matters is that the logo is one that the team and the community of Mesa can be proud of and hopefully will attract some attention and bring some fans into HoHoKam Park this summer.

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